Digest #17

Andy Stevens GTF

In our December 2020 issue of Digest we caught up with former speaker Andy Stevens, principle of Graphic Thought Facility, and here’s what he told us.

Our one escape from East London this year was a kind of four wheeled isolation as we trundled around Scotland and the North for a couple of weeks in our camper van in September.

That’s joy enough, but en route I finally got to visit Little Sparta, the home and garden of Ian Hamilton Finlay, which was both a massive highlight and a long held ambition.

The way he always searched for the perfect medium for his output, sometimes very modest, sometimes intricately crafted, but always beautifully considered – not only as a piece in itself but also how this worked as a part of the bigger whole in the context of the garden – is something that has been an enduring reference point for myself and GTF since we were students.


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Andy Stevens GTF
Andy Stevens GTF

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February 8, 2021
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