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Ryan R Thompson

Render Architecture & CGI Studio Identity
Greig Anderson

So I obviously I am lucky enough to meet a load of designers when I am at LongLunch and quite often I forget peoples names and wake up with a clutch of business cards in my mitts in the morning after a talk. Most of those cards sit on my desk and in brief moments of space and time I check their sites.

So it struck me today that sometimes I take for granted that these designers just exist doing great work pushing the Scottish Design Industry forward. This is not in the spirit of LongLunch, as all of us believe in Scottish Design and designers and therefore where we can we should celebrate the talent that supports us. So, without further ado, I doff my cap to two splendid examples of the breed.

I look forward to meeting more talented folks this week at LongLunch 38 featuring the very talented Marque on Thursday.

Makes you proud to be part of the great Scottish Design Industry doesn’t it!


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May 18, 2010
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