Design Council help request

The Design Council are currently working on updating their website and they need your help. Please read over the request below and if you feel compelled please send Kerri some images of you at work. Please let her know that you found out through us, so she can keep tracks on who’s helped her, and who’s not.

Here’s her email to us:

I am working with the Design Council to update their website. We are creating a new section called ‘How designers work’ featuring real designers. I wonder if any members of your network would like to be involved? Or perhaps you have a bank of images ready for use!

I am looking for images of designers at work practising any of the following skills/approaches:

  1. Understanding users (inclusive, user-centred, ergonomics, co-creation);
  2. Research (design research, using video and audio, observation, ethnography, market research, academic research design in universities);
  3. Collaboration (using materials, technology, manufacturing/production, craft, sales);
  4. Visualisation (sketches, presentations);
  5. Prototyping (rapid prototyping, models);
  6. and any other approaches or practices will be welcome!

The images need to be high resolution – about 300 dpi and at least 15cm wide. Full captions including project description, client, design agency, and year, are essential.

In all instances the pictures will be set in context with an explanation of what it illustrates, which design agency is associated with creating the work illustrated and, if necessary with photographer credits.

Initially the images will be used to illustrate content explaining what design is, but they may also be relevant to future content, on the website, and in Design Council publications, exhibitions, and on films, which the Design Council makes.

My deadline to send all images to the Design Council is Thursday 11th March 2010.

Kind regards


Kerri Miles
Freelance Picture Editor, working for
Design Council

07946 399396

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March 5, 2010