Tickets and posters arrive for Jonathan Barnbrook talk on 01/03/10


Well with only one working day left till the talk we’ve now got these beautiful posters designed by Jonathan for his talk on Monday. Huge thanks to GF Smith for the Peregrina Silver stock and Push for their printing skills and inks.

If you haven’t got a ticket yet…what in the heck are you playing at??? Get your mouse cursor over to the LongLunch online shop and buy one now! In fact, buy two and bring a friend…. no hang on, buy ten and bring your whole creative department! http://longlunch.bigcartel.com/

We now need to add a disclaimer to say that the views expressed on the poster are not those of LongLunch, and LongLunch cannot be held responsible for the content of the poster design nor of the talk. (Just thought we should cover our backsides before some overpaid tosser of a lawyer sends us a strongly worded email on behalf of the brands Jonathan has used).

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February 26, 2010
News, Talk
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