Music and the moving image


So I’m sitting on a ‘sunny-ish’ Sunday in Edinburgh having a wee cup ‘o tea and a porkpie over the Sunday’s (the papers not the girl band), in the background I have Lemon Jelly’s 64-95 DVD* playing:

Now those who were at Talk 5 in Scotland or Talk 1 in London will have witnessed the brilliance of Airside up close and those who are a little more in the know know that Lemon Jelly and Airside are linked through the lovely Mr Fred Deakin. What struck me during those talks was the cross fertilisation of ideas from one medium to another. I know that when I first started out in design world I wanted to shape every medium and believed that I could. So to see people doing it always gives me a twinge of what I should really call envy as my design career has veered away from the goal of shaping every medium to one single focus. I still enjoy those rare occasions where I am able to cross media and deal in a more physical medium.

The DVD of 64-95 is packaged with a poster featuring artwork from the DVD and this raised the thought of how single images can be intrinsically linked to other media or experiences and therefore become emotionally bound to the audience. I know that I have two of my favourite LongLunch posters on my walls and they not only look good but link to the talks in a very personal way for me. So I guess I am wondering how much we as an industry understand the emotional links to our work for ourselves and our audiences? Do we just view our work with the emotion that we personally attach to it (that job was a nightmare/dream)? Should we be more educated and aware of the links that we can create? How can we use this across media to give the audience a greater sense of our meaning?

Ahh Sunday… it’s all about the navel gazing.

* 64-95 is only £3 in Fopp. This is scandalous that so much hard work can be sold for that price but hopefully Mr Fred sees at least £1 of that so go get a copy and squeegee your third eye.

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July 26, 2009
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