Another big thanks, this time to Adrian and Tony


Thursday night (29th October) saw Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy give their second LongLunch talks, this time together. Tony was Event 22, with Adrian being our 21st talk two and a half years ago, both in Glasgow. This time round they took us through their journey from collecting books to designing books to publishing books in a fascinating hour long look at type, famous designers and – of course – books.

The posters and tickets, designed by Spin, are delicious and were free on the night. We will, in the coming days, be sending some off to places where they can be picked up. We will of course keep you informed. These would not have been possible without our sponsors GF Smith and Generation Press.

Next talk? Proud Creative on the 24th November in London. Don’t miss it.

Finally thanks must go to Gil (from FormFiftyFive) and Natasha (from Unit Editions) for taking your names on the door whilst Andy and I ran about like headless chickens trying to get the projector to recognise the laptop…it seems a lose power cable was the culprit!

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November 1, 2009
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