Why Not Associates


Why Not Associates is a british graphic design company with global reach. They turn their passion for design into commercial success for clients in business, government and the public sector.

For nearly twenty five years, Why Not Associates have been creating innovative work for clients large and small. Their team works in many different media on many types of projects, including corporate identity, digital design, motion graphics and television commercial direction, editorial design, environmental design, publishing, and public art.

This breadth of experience means they can orchestrate complex campaigns for global brands such as Nike, First Direct bank, Virgin records and the BBC. They also cherish smaller locally based commissions such as public relations for regional government and public art installations for specific communities. Regardless of size, they collaborate closely with their clients to come up with a solution that we can all be happy about. “Effective communication contains an element of surprise and often the best way to solve a problem is to turn it on its head. We’re not afraid to run through a dark room with an arm full of lighted fireworks. Fingers grow back, and great work lasts forever”.

They’re perhaps best known for pushing boundaries – but their experiments always serve a client’s purpose; which is why so many of them keep coming back project after project.

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March 12, 2003
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